anti-utopias is a curated contemporary art project exploring new territories in the field of curatorial practices. The project is built around a comprehensive thematic and critical international contemporary art platform founded in 2011 by Sabin Borș, and functions as an ongoing laboratory for experimental approaches to contemporary art.

The platform is open for reviewed international submissions from contemporary artists, art galleries and institutions worldwide. It publishes new works regularly, regardless of any artistic medium of expression, including but not limited to photography, installation art, video and digital art, painting, etc. The platform investigates all creative fields of contemporary art through publishing interviews, reviews and works of emerging and world-renowned contemporary artists, as well as information on contemporary art exhibitions and manifestations.

The main goal of anti-utopias is to bring an alternative perspective in the field of curatorial practices and make contemporary artists more visible in a thematic network supporting innovative ideas, diverse approaches and various techniques. anti-utopias brings together artists from different communities and facilitates contact and artistic exchange between them. anti-utopias is also an instrument designed to fully exploit the potentialities of the online environment to create a critical and archive instrument to be then used for the printed press.

We establish close and durable relations with leading art galleries and renowned institutions worldwide to create a unique network. The project currently addresses a broad number of artists, galleries, organizations, art professionals, curators, critics and the public in over 50 countries, rapidly extending its presence to the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe to include artists, art galleries, and institutions in a dynamic critical survey of today’s best and most relevant contemporary works of art.

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