Aurélien Froment
Pulmo Marina

The film features a Phacellophora Camtscatica (egg-yolk jelly), as it drifts in its tank home at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A voice-over informs the viewer of its baroque but literally brainless anatomy, its voracious cannibalism and its classical forebears.

It compiles an extended description of the creature according to various modes of knowledge, perception and understanding, from ancient mythologies to natural sciences and exhibition design.

Shifting from a seemingly banal wildlife TV program about a sea creature towards a description of the physical and architectural conditions of its display in the aquarium, the film looks at how the image pre-exists its own recording, approaching the window of the aquarium as a display device that participates in the construction of the notion of the viewer.

The work was commissioned by LUX, a British film organisation, to be inserted between ads and feature films within a newtwork of commercial cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

It would take around 6 days and 11 hours to watch a two hour film if each shot of the program where the work is inserted was narrated in the same format as Pulmo Marina.

This project is featured courtesy of BB5 / Bucharest Biennale 5



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