Claudia Hart

PhotoMortifications are a series of photographs into which computer models of 3D digital sculptures have been integrated.

In the Mortifications series, a realistic nude is mathematically mutilated, and subjected to irregular, apparently organic deformations. By juxtaposing organic forms that evoke rotting and decay with the rational permutations of computer-generated imagery, Mortifications propose a digital Baroque. PhotoMortifications integrate expressive sculptures into photos of hyper modernist buildings and museums of science and natural history. The contrast between the two conveys the denial of the human (in a vacuity without pathos and emotion) by the oppressive anonymity of bureaucratic techno-culture.



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Claudia Hart graduated from New York University with a BA cum laude in art history in 1978, and then studied architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture. She then practiced as an art and architecture critic. In 1985-86, she was Associate Editor of ID (then Industrial Design Magazine) where, along with Senior Editor Steven Skov Holt, she redeveloped it into its present form,...