David Maljkovic
Out of Projection

David Maljković’s new installation expands on his continuing exploration of memories as futurist propositions, while making reference to disparate film genres such as science fiction and documentary.

Out of Projection was filmed at the carefully guarded test track of the Peugeot headquarters in Sochaux, France. The primary screen shows the protagonists, elderly couples who build ideas for future projects. They are actually retired company workers who act as a medium between past and future, moving slowly around the test track alongside the car prototypes. The second, smaller projection is of close-up interviews with individual workers in silent recollection, eerily blurring the past and the future. The use of Peugeor prototypes as props follows the artist’s use of futuristic automobile prototypes in Croatian Modernist architectural settings, such as in his past video works These Days and Lost Memories from These Days.

This project is featured courtesy of BB5 / Bucharest Biennale 5



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