This project began with snapshots of spaces that the artist found herself visiting and revisiting over the last few years. At one point, Iman Issa realized that what might have attracted her to these spaces was that they reminded her of others; that they triggered a series of memories and associations.

In an attempt to articulate the content of memories and associations, Iman Issa decided to start constructing settings that corresponded to them, settings which she would then photograph. The resulting images ended up constituting the second element in each of these triptychs.

In trying to be as precise as possible, the artist realized that the certainty with which she was able to construct and produce these images did not translate to her final photographs, that she no longer recognized her constructions, nor was she certain of their sources. This brought about the idea to approach these photographs in a removed manner – as if they were found or produced by someone else – and use them as a point of departure for another artwork, one which eventually became what is presented here as the third and final element in each of these triptychs.

This project is featured courtesy of BB5 / Bucharest Biennale 5



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