Irina Botea
Fotocòpia / Photocopy

Photocopy / Fotocopia is a performance based on creating lists of words and gestures remembered from immersion in the 15M political movement. The process of reenactment was constructed upon experiences of participating in various meetings, marches and protests that took place in Barcelona during May-June 2011.

Photocopy / Fotocopia creates a metaphorical and reflective arena outside of the main public demonstrations. Using Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal) exercises participants attempted to choreograph an interpretation of collective protest and the significance of individual agency.

The performers communicate through a dialogue based upon displaced words and gestures that can generate a re-articulation and reconfiguration of future protests.

The symbolic re-contextualization of demonstrative actions raises issues of how spontaneous public protest can be transformed into a sustainable process of participatory democracy.


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