Ivar Veermäe

The work deals with the notions of “smart technology” gaining more and more presence in lives of the people and their environments. The gadgets and screens become almost self-explanatory. The technological objects seem to become more personalized, but the whole body – object interaction sets are defined by the objects design and interface.

The main focus in my work is dealing with the issues of public space and group behaviour. I think that public space reflects directly or indirectly on processes in society and it is constantly changing. In the time of “ubiquitous computing” also the meaning of public space is changing. When boundaries between private and public blur, the space could be redefined as an accessible space.

Ivar Veermäe

In his work process, Ivar Veermäe uses photography and video as well performative and interfering tactics, like public space installations. The artist tries to find and use connections between city space and virtual space, in an attempt to analyze the actions and processes in these spaces.

This project is featured courtesy of Simultan in conjunction with Simultan Festival #8 “The beginning of the end”

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