Lars Buchardt
The Future Does Not Need Us

THE PRESENT, AT THE VERY MOST? To project the present into the future? It is a question whether this is at all possible, for who can perceive the present? The present, or this very moment, is not one point, but many.

Connecting the points is not an option, as an objective place from which everything can be seen does not exist, and it would take time, and even the time passed will cause the points always and already to be blown far back and away from each other, and in a number that means check mate to all powers of imagination and computation. One could suppose that what is projected is in fact the past, a certain ‘past’, mind you, that which enjoys historical consensus in a certain milieu, and in a certain place, a certain time, the idiosyncratic past, the apocryphal past, the insane one. Something, without any doubt, that is shattered and distorted and awash with fantasies, wishful thinking, and fear. Bearing this in mind, it is hardly necessary to contend that science fiction, futurology, and prophecies always and at the very most enlightens the future with a light that is tainted by fantasies about the past and the present; it is not the future that is presented. We therefore face a strange, undulating mirror, awash with dark places and irregularities reeling in and out of focus.

Lars Buchardt, 2011

With a soundtrack by Hargreaves and Mack:



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