Ryoichi Kurokawa
Rheo / Rheo: 5 Horizons

This world-renowned Japanese artist’s impressive audiovisual compositions bring visual and sonic material together using a completely revolutionary perspective.

His language, a new international benchmark in the world of digital art, field recordings and computer-generated structures coexist in harmony, and open the gateway to an imaginary world where complexity and simplicity alternate and combine in a strange symbiosis.

Ryoichi Kurokawa is now at the peak of his creative powers. His work evinces a personal approach that exudes ingenuity and originality at every turn. As an videographer, the urgency and great range of expression embodied in his renderings seems to somehow transcend conventional notions of the character of customary movie-making.

Naut Humon

In a sense, Kurokawa  is an artist who can be regarded as a exemplary trendsetter in his field, or an aesthetic defining trailblazer who is still pointing the way for others. The astonishing diversity of his explorations points to an amazing productivity that seems to flow without end.  He is a genre-transcending artist who continues to confound and transform  stereotyped notions concerning the illustration of electronic image expression.

Although one cannot predict precisely what Ryoichi will do next, one can be sure of this: His new work will be exciting and will take enormous creative risks; it will be of very high quality with great attention to detail; it will reach a very diverse audience; and most importantly, it will be something that we have not viewed before. In his vocation of improvised images, Ryoichi Kurokawa ranks near the top”

(Naut Humon)



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