Tomás Tello & Kunihiko Matsuo
The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End is a dialog between video and music. Kunihiko Matsuo designed a program that can mix different footage in real time, constantly in interaction with the sounds proposed. The song we used is a version of the timeless My Way, made with music boxes and different self-made electronics. Tomás Tello called the song Their Way in reference to the randomness of reality and our illusion of individual control. In the end (apocalypsis) things will be “our/their” way.

This video expresses an idea of apocalypsis: a moment where nobody knows who she/he is and where is she/he going. A moment where we can go back to the stage before becoming individuals. A moment when we are back to our original state.

The Beginning of the End is the first creation of Tomás Tello and Kunihiko Matsuo together. The artists wanted to use this system in concerts and interact with the public as well, for example using texts that public “posts” in social networks as a material to be used/modified during the performance.

This project is featured courtesy of Simultan in conjunction with Simultan Festival #8 “The beginning of the end”



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Kunihiko Matsuo was born in Mito, Japan, 1969. B.A. in Chinese literature at Waseda University Tokyo. He is a multimedia artist / performer based in Tokyo and specializes in interactive technology, audio-visual design and contemporary dance.