Graciela de Oliveira


Graciela de Oliveira

Graciela de Oliveira was born in Misiones, Argentina, in 1967, and graduated Architecture in 1992 (UNC). She currently lives and works in Unquillo – Córdoba, Argentina.

Since 1995 she mainly participated in interdisciplinary collective projects taking place in real time and researched interactive processes. She collaborated with Luis González Palma for the “Jerarquías de Intimidad” (2002-2008) project. In 2007 she created the artistic dispositif “Demolición/Construcción” which generated multiple series: “Asteriscos en nuestra memoria” (2008); “Proceso on/on” (2009); “Ejercicios Nidales” (2010); “Phronesis criolla (Ex-centros Clandestinos de detención en Córdoba)”, realized for Museos Sitios de Memoria de Córdoba (2009-2012). She recently presented her PhD thesis in socio-cultural anthropology with a thesis on the poetics of survival (UNC, 2010-2014); she coordinates casa/Estudio B’atz’, an interdisciplinary residency program dedicated to creative processes, and ON/ON, Architecture Studio.

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