Maija Tammi


Maija Tammi

Maija Tammi (b. 1985) is a Finnish photographer and artist currently based in Helsinki. Tammi’s photographs and sculptures converse on topics around disgust, fear and abnormality. Her works have been acclaimed and exhibited in Finland, France, Croatia and USA. She is currently working on her practice-based doctoral thesis at the Aalto University’s Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Tammi is a member of a Finnish photography collective 11 ( In February-July 2015 she is in artist residency in France.

Some of Tammi’s coming exhibitions and publications include the launch of her book Leftover/Removals with publisher Kehrer Verlag (Europe: September 2014, UK: January 2015, North America: Spring 2015), Leftover solo exhibition at GalleriZEBRA, Karjaa, Finland (November 2014), and Milky Way solo exhibition at gallery Korjaamo in Helsinki, Finland, March 2015.

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