Maurizio Montalti


Maurizio Montalti

Maurizio Montalti is a designer concerned with a thorough, trans-disciplinary, research-based practice, whose
work addresses social and environmental challenges. Using design and art as tools to investigate and reflect upon contemporary culture, he seeks to create novel opportunities for the creative industry by engaging design in a multidisciplinary creative process. He often actively collaborates with professionals from other disciplines in a co-creative process, to arrive at thought-provoking solutions and design outcomes. His work spans across various mediums, previously exploring themes in relation to biotechnology, anthropology, bio-diversity and the impact of novel technologies.

The fascination for the micro-scale, together with a holistic vision of the world as a macro-organism and a strong belief in symbiotic relationships are some of Maurizio’s main drives. Sustained by a strong research practice, he strives to reveal unorthodox relationships in existing paradigms using various communicative media as a tool to disclose novel possibilities and catalyse critical thinking.

To this end, the design process and the subsequent materialisation of concepts are used as tools and strategies for questioning culture, while at the same time they are often offered as a critical statement to the design field itself.

Maurizio’s practice, known under the name of “Officina Corpuscoli ”, is currently operating as a multidisciplinary studio, providing creative consultancy and developing both Conceptual and Commercial works, often being inspired by living systems and organisms. The studio’s work has been widely presented in multiple museums, exhibitions and festivals, both nationally and internationally.

Officina Corpuscoli is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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