Taisuke Mohri


Taisuke Mohri

Taisuke Mohri was born in 1983 in Japan and graduated the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009. His work was featured in several group exhibitions, including the most recent Picture Perfect, VIASATERNA, Milan, Italy (2015) and past exhibitions My Favourite Things, Frantic Gallery & unseal contemporary Joint Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (2009); Archives, Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (2009); Graduated Works Exhibition of Tokyo National University of the Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan (2009); 2010 FRANTIC UNDERLINES, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2010); frantic drawings, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2010); 2011 FRANTIC UNDERLINES, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2011); Frantic End of The Year Show, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2014); SHOWcabinet: Noritaka Tatehana, SHOWstudio, London, United Kingdom (2014); and New Sensibilities in Sculpture and Painting, Yeo workshop Gillman Barracks, Singapore (2014).

Mohri’s solo exhibitions include The Cracked Portraits, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2012) and The Resurrections, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2013). His work was presented at several art fairs such as POSITIONS BERLIN, Berlin, Germany (2015); OFF-BRUSSELS, Brussels, Belgium (2014); cutlog Paris, Paris, France (2013); SCOPE Art Show, Basel, Switzerland (2013); SHContemporary, Shanghai, China (2011 and 2010); ULTRA002, Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan (2009). Mohri’s work was recently featured in “JUXTAPOZ HYPERREAL, edited by Evan Pricco, Gingko Press, Inc. 2014, p. 136-143 (ISBN-13: 978-1584235743).

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