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  1. Oct. 14 - Jun. 04, 2017

    Susan Hiller: Lost and Found

    Pérez Art Museum Miami
    Miami - USA

    Susan Hiller is an influential pioneer of multimedia installation art recognized for her early adoption of video as an artistic medium and for her ability to transform conventional gallery spaces...

  2. Feb. 10 - May. 21, 2017

    Pierre Huyghe at Copenhagen Contemporary

    Copenhagen Contemporary
    Copenhagen - Denmark

    In February 2017, Copenhagen Contemporary has presented an important work by world-famous French artist Pierre Huyghe, the video installation Untitled (Human Mask), realized in 2014.

  3. Feb. 17 - Jul. 02, 2017

    The Field has Eyes. Images of the Surveillance Gaze

    Museum für Fotografie
    Berlin - Germany

    Surveillance is not only a current topic, but also a historic phenomenon. This exhibition turns to history and addresses the particular sense of unease that surveillance has always caused, whether...

  4. Feb. 17 - Jul. 02, 2017

    What right do governments, corporations, and individuals have to collect and retain information on your daily communications? What tools—both today and in the past—have been used to monitor...

  5. Mar. 11 - Jun. 04, 2017

    Annika Eriksson: The Social

    Modern Museet Malmö
    Malmö - Sweden

    In the spring of 2017, Moderna Museet Malmö will present a solo exhibition with Annika Eriksson, one of Sweden's most acclaimed artists internationally, as curated by Joa Ljungberg. It...

  6. Mar. 10 - Sep. 03, 2017

    Sarah Sze at Copenhagen Contemporary

    Copenhagen Contemporary
    Copenhagen - Denmark

    In the spring of 2017, Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) will present Timekeeper (2016) by New York-based artist Sarah Sze. Sze, who represented the United States at the 2013 Venice Biennale, is known...

  7. Mar. 25 - May. 27, 2017

    Hélène Binet: Transitions

    Solo Gallery
    Paris - France

    Hélène Binet's exhibition at Solo Galerie presents a selection of four personal works developed over 30 years of research, which explore different ways in which photography and architecture...

  8. Mar. 31 - Jun. 04, 2017

    Norimichi Hirakawa, who came on a study visit to Wrocław in March 2016, is now developing a new exhibition especially for the WRO Art Center, which will be also a part of the 17th WRO Media...

  9. Apr. 02 - Aug. 06, 2017

    The large-scale installation by Anselm Kiefer, one of the most important living artists, will be presented from April 2 through August 6, 2017, at Copenhagen Contemporary (CC). Anselm Kiefer's...

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