Simon Crofts: Expectations

Simon Crofts: Expectations.

“The idea was to create a series of ‘visual poems’ about Ukraine,” says Simon Crofts discussing the photographic concept behind Expectations...

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Simon Fröhlich – Wald

Simon Fröhlich. Wald

In Wald, tranquil and musty settings imbue the sight with diffuse tonalities to create a seemingly romantic perspective and a fleeting aura of...

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Elis Hoffman – Fading

Elis Hoffman. Fading

"For me, people are at their most beautiful when they are brave enough to show their vulnerability," says Elis Hoffman in Fading, after the...

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Kurt Kren – Structural Films

Kurt Kren. Structural Films

”Sorry It had to be done” is what Kren uttered when asked about the consequences of his Actionist Films {Interview conducted by Hans Scheugl,...

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Kurt Kren – Action Films

Kurt Kren. Action Films

Something was bound to stir the waters when Otto Mühl and Günter Brus, two artists from the Vienese Actionism, and Kurt Kren, the filmmaker...

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