Julia Draganovic to be new Director of Kunsthalle Osnabruck.

In Institutions / August 23, 2013

On November 1st 2013, Julia Draganović (PhD) will become Director of the Kunsthalle Osnabruck in Germany. The Kunsthalle Osnabruck, the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the City of Osnabruck, opened in 1993 in the secular Dominican church and part of the former Dominican monastery. With its extraordinary historical architecture, the Kunsthalle Osnabruck is a significant part of Osnabruck’s museum landscape, which also includes the Felix Nussbaum Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. Dedicated to contemporary art, the Kunsthalle Osnabruck also hosts the yearly European Media Art Festival (EMAF). Draganović ‘s predecessor André Lindhorst will retire after leading the Kunsthalle for 20 years. Draganović will start her activities in Osnabruck on September 1st 2013.

“The Kunsthalle Osnabruck is a highly inspiring place for contemporary art. In the past twenty years the current Director André Lindhorst has done a successful job of planning and organizing exhibitions. This has positioned the Kunsthalle Osnabruck among the important and ground breaking places for contemporary art in Germany. I’m looking forward to working in this extraordinary but also challenging environment”, so incoming Director Draganović.

Draganović is interested in contemporary art’s potential to express and reflect today’s life and society. On the other hand, she emphasizes the value of artistic views of the alien and the unknown which sometimes turn out to be visionary.

For Osnabruck, Draganović will focus on a program that places local issues in a broader context. She wants to start her research with topics that connect characteristics and the history of Osnabruck with up-to-date debates in the international art world.

Draganović will foster an international exchange of art production in Osnabruck. Being a member of the curatorial platform LaRete Art Projects will support her attempt  to try out innovative methods of cooperation, knowledge production and exchange. “The fact that the next nine months of programming for the Kunsthalle Osnabruck were done by my predecessor André Lindhorst and by the European Media Art Festival, will give me time for research. I’m looking forward to running my ideas by the cultural operators of Osnabruck and beyond and I hope to find partners, collaborators and backers for my plans for the Kunsthalle Osnabruck”, says the to-be Director.


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