SIMULTAN 2013. Call for Video Submissions

In Open Calls / August 5, 2013

The 9th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place from October 10-12, under the theme Popular Unknown.

With this term we intend to define the idea of popularity as social phenomenon in the collective perception. It is known that popularity is a social phenomenon that defines who or what is best liked, the more pervasive something is, the more people have access to it. Since popularity is judged in a social context, the more people who support or know something or someone, the more popular it will then be judged. Interpersonally, people can alter their appearance to change how others perceive them by embezzling their identity.

However, identity is a distinctive characteristic belonging to any individual; the important thing is how an individual views him or herself both as a person and in relation to other people. The perception we have about our past or future selves is related to the perception of our current self and trough this process we are defining our identities.

Popular Unknown wishes to reflect upon different aspects as mass culture vs. underground, cliché vs. originality, hope, obsession, envy, fear, irony, success, failure etc., to define popularity or non-popularity and self-perception.


Simultan is open for submissions of innovative works, which use technology in a creative, ingenious way or are based on a peculiar, unusual story.
– categories: video, experimental video, fiction, documentary, experimental, documentary, motion graphics, experimental animation, digital/generative
– number of works: 2/ author
– duration: maximum 10 min.


– online / by post
– no entry fee!

SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, creating a bond between different media. Initiated by a group of artists, the festival was born as an artistic project having the goal to create a cultural context of the ‘here and now’ on the local scene, encouraging new and innovative forms of artistic expression, as visual and sound language. Annually, in the 3 days of events, take place video art screenings, audio-visual live performances, experimental music concerts, installations and lectures. The festival features local artists and projects, as well as national and international artists and projects, with the support of the different cultural centres which activate in Romania. Thus, the event intends to establish new cultural and artistic bonds between the Romanian and the international art scene.


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