Simultan Festival #10. Call for Video Works

In Open Calls / July 2, 2014

The 10th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place from October 6-11, under the theme ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS”.

Theories and paradigms of the future often begin with the belief that humanity is in the midst of an extensive world transformation and attempt to explain the transformation and where these changes may be taking us. We live in a pluralistic world – a competitive reality of different points of view and different social movements. Our present condition is full of ‘terms and conditions’. Further, social movements, as expressions of different paradigms, will clash, often violently, in this competitive process, under pressure of the global economic and ideological crises. Tension is the motivating force behind language, behind ideation, behind all mental conceptions.

In developing the theory of ‘Archaeology of Knowledge’, Foucault was trying to analyse the fundamental codes which a culture uses to develop the theory or configuration of knowledge that determines the empirical orders and social practices of each particular historical era. He adopted discontinuity as a positive working tool. Some of the discourse would be regular and continuous over time as knowledge steadily accumulates and society gradually establishes what will constitute truth or reason for the time being. But, in a transition from one era to the next, there will be overlaps, breaks and discontinuities as society reconfigures the discourse to match the new environment.

“Failure” has become a prominent aesthetic in many of the arts in the late 20th century, reminding us that our control of technology is an illusion and revealing digital tools to be only as perfect, precise and efficient as the humans who build them. New techniques are often discovered by accident or by the failure of an intended technique or experiment. The purpose is not only to explore the aesthetic potential of advanced methods of creating images and formulates new options of perception and artistic positions in this media revolution.

It is failure that guides evolution; perfection offers no incentive for improvement. — Colson Whitehead (1999)


The 10th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place between 6-11 October, under the motto ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS’.
Simultan is open for submissions of innovative video works, which is related to the theme.
 categories: video, experimental video, fiction, documentary, experimental documentary,
motion graphics, experimental animation, digital/generative
– number of works: max 2 / author
– duration: 10 minutes (each)

Application methods

1. online via our webpage: 

– fill the online application form
– include the preview link of your video/s uploaded to – vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, etc.

2. online via clickforfestivals platform:
– creating an account on:
– uploading all the informations & videos

DEADLINE: 20 July 2014
Warning: incomplete applications will not be taken in consideration!

All works will be watched and selected by a jury. Only those accepted will become part of the festival screening programme. The decision of the jury is final.

Selected artists will be asked to send the screening version of the work/s.
The list of the participating artists will be published on the website at the beginning of September.

– all selected works may be used in other presentations or partner events with the aim of promoting the Simultan Festival, but not for commercial purposes.
– submitted works will be stored in the Simultan Association archive.
– no entry fee!

For additional information please contact:: simultan[at]

SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, creating a bond between different media. Initiated by a group of artists, the festival was born as an artistic project having the goal to create a cultural context of the ‘here and now’ on the local scene, encouraging new and innovative forms of artistic expression, as visual and sound language. Annually, in the 3 days of events, take place video art screenings, audio-visual live performances, experimental music concerts, installations and lectures. The festival features local artists and projects, as well as national and international artists and projects, with the support of the different cultural centers which activate in Romania. Thus, the event intends to establish new cultural and artistic bonds between the Romanian and the international art scene.


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