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anti-utopias / is an independent project designed to bring a valuable critical contribution to the world of art. From the very beginning, this was designed to be an ambitious project, offering a dynamic perspective and complete informational and communication services. Your help is a valuable material and immaterial resource that we use to further develop this project and the aims we’ve set forth.

You can help us deliver a high quality online and offline project. Be a proud, sensitive and responsible contributor.

Your contribution is essential to the continuation of the project and all proceeds are used to cover the expenses we have had and will have to develop the platform, the project, our cultural services and international operation plan. We need a concrete help to assist us in covering administration expenses, the daily labour required to further develop this project, and the associate projects anti-utopias is built around: a printed anti-utopias catalogue, international exhibitions and other side-projects we’ve designed as a completion to anti-utopias). Our aim is to provide you with one of the most exciting and professional projects, a valuable resource for critical and visual research updated with the finest selection of artworks.

anti-utopias / is a cultural project managed by Xpose Art Collective, a not-for-profit organization registered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (organization number: 29604072). You can contribute to the benefit of artists, galleries, museums, institutions, theoreticians and enthusiasts around the world. All donors, granters and benefactors receive personalized confirmation forms and will be provided with transparent accounts of all activities.

You are free to donate any amount you might consider. You don’t have to hold back. Be part of an amazing community of supporters and receive our personalized confirmation forms.

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The simplest way to support and Xpose Art Collective is by offering a free donation. This donation will be used to fund the project and will make you part of our community of donors, granters and benefactors. You will receive a personalized confirmation form and further information on the anti-utopias project and programs. Please Contact us and send us your full name and contact information to confirm your donation and receive your personalized forms.


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